Monday, October 6, 2008

Getting Down to IT...

So much has happened since the last entry. I have entered the fifth week of Connectivism and Connective Knowledge CCK08. I had a wonderful SL experience on Friday. Here we were, educators sat around a balmy patio in a beautiful villa... What more could anyone want? We discussed methods and learned about each other. It was interesting to see that we had all been brought together: I had emerged from California, United States, and the others were from Argentina, Mexico, Israel and the United Kingdom, a meeting of world minds, but appearing in the same room in SL!

I will probably add to this later on today. Right now, I have rather too much to do...

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Maru said...

Hi Steve!
it was very nice to see you in SL, thanks for visiting. I want also to say thanks for inviting me to your CCK08 wiki, I already edited a page there to place my name. :-)

I have not received emails from you, I wil search for them to answer, sorry.

I will be off line this week because my modem was burned and it will take a few days to repair.
See you next week dear.